The Meister Farm & Winery: Galilee bliss for the budget tourist!

meister farmWe recently had the pleasure of staying at the Meister Farm and Winery, located in the Upper Galilee, and just 5 minutes from Rosh Pina – and enjoyed it immensely!

Seriously, if you’re looking for some budget family fun in the Upper Galilee – and being this close to Rosh Pina means you’ve got a great place to base yourselves – then this is the perfect spot for you. The best thing about the Meister Farm and Winery is that it has a whole bunch of things to see and do, so you might not even end up heading out to the nearby attractions of Rosh Pina!

First up, we went as part of our caravan tour of Israel, and stopped by for a planned 2 nights. In the end, we enjoyed ourselves so much we stayed another night!

And what wasn’t to enjoy?! What with excellent hosting by owner Itai and his brother upon our arrival (they helped get us hitched up to the mains and water very quickly), we were soon made to feel right at home, right among the farm’s orchards.

caravan IsraelThe campsite is itself clean and cosy, with shaded areas of grass, kitchen facilities including a vital fridge, and some nice chillout hammocks to lounge about in. There are also some great chillout areas for eating in, and when it gets busy – as Itai assured me it does – it’s easy to escape the “crowds” and find yourself a nice, quiet corner. There were also some decent showers, which makes a nice change from many of the more public campsites who really don’t seem to give a shit about their showers and toilets.

wine tastingThe main attractions for us however, were the swimming pool (the kids literally spent all day in it!), and the winery itself, in which Itai can give you a tasting tour of the winery’s output, plus, if you’re lucky, a tour of the ancient, dusty underground cellars which are still in use today. I think we would have also enjoyed their petting zoo too, but never actually got the chance to check out the animals – try it for yourself, the kids will love it.

You can also pitch your own tent there of course, as well as rent tents and mattresses, as you need them.

Highly recommended, especially for those who love the great outdoors, have kids, and are looking for some shady summery bliss in the Galilee…

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