The Indie City Music Festival comes to Jerusalem for the first time!

Boom Pam, Indie CityOne of Israel’s premier music festivals, Indie City, hits Jerusalem for the first time this July!

Featuring many of Israel’s premier indie bands, Indie City will take place on 25-26 July. Best of all, all concerts are FREE!

On 25 July, expect to catch some real talent, including the ever popular Ester Rada, HaBiluim, The Apples, Rotem Or, and Amit Erez. The action starts at 19:00, and at 23:00 a headphone party kicks off, under the powers of the amazing DJ Adi Ulmanski. At 24:00 there will also be a funky vintage fashion show. The location: Migrash HaRussim, just behind the Shalom Court House. You can also catch some great indie acts at other locations throughout some of Jerusalem’s popular bars, including at Mike’s Place on Yafo Street, and at the Mitcham HaHavetzelet.

On Friday 26 July, check out the bands Mercedes Bend, Boom Pam, Vaadat Charigim, COMPUTER CAMP, and NOAMIKO at the Mitcham HaHavetzelet. The action starts at 16:00. There will also be an Indie Fair, with stalls selling music and designs from up and coming artists.

In celebration of this awesome indie fest, many hotels and hostels will be offering some great deals. Check them out in our Jerusalem hotel section.

Here’s a slice of The Apples for you…



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