Morrissey returns to Israel for TWO 2023 summer concerts!

The legendary Mancunian Morrissey is heading back to Israel for TWO concerts this summer!

He might not be the bright young thing he was back in the 80s, but the tunes and the posing are still well and truly there… and his love for Israel seems to be as strong as ever – this will be his FOURTH visit to the Holy Land! And yes, these are a re-run of the two shows he was scheduled to perform in 202, but thanks to some pandemic or other, he didn’t make it…

Morrissey will be performing at the Amphi Shuni in Binyamina on July 2, and at the EXPO hall in Tel Aviv on July 4 (we saw him there on his visit in 2008). Tickets start from 359 shekels, for more details call *9066. Tickets usually sell out damn quick for this young lad (although 2020 prices were listed at 100 shekels cheaper!), so be snappy if you fancy a slice of classic Brit indie rock/pop!

Expect some of his finest moments (including, of course, some classic Smiths songs), as per his last concerts in Israel back in 2016…

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