The Art of Banksy exhibition comes to Israel!

art of banksy israelThe much-talked about Art of Banksy exhibition comes to Israel in April 2017!

Featuring some of the work of Banksyone of the world’s most renowned and mysterious graffiti artists, the exhibition will run from 4-18 April at the Arena Mall in Herzliya. Banksy, of course, remains an anonymous England-based artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity, with satirical street art and subversive epigrams that combine dark humor with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique.

The exhibition features 80 of Banksy’s original works,  including some of his most iconic works – ‘Girl with Balloon’, ‘Flag Wall’ and ‘Laugh Now’. The exhibition also includes three pieces that have never been publicly exhibited.

Tickets range from 59 shekels (for children aged 5-16) to 89 shekels for adults. Call *9080 for more details about exhibition times and tickets (there are three “shows” per day, which are scheduled to last up to FOUR hours each time).

Curator Steve Lazarides, the artist’s former manager, reinforced the uniqueness of this amazing collection:

“This exhibition is a one off – never will you be able to see this amount of work in one place again. Once the show is over, the artwork will dissipate back to the other 40 collectors around the world, and the likelihood of them being brought together again in the future is very slim.”

For more details, see the official ticket site.

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