The annual Yearot Menashe Festival: fun for all the family!

The annual Yearot Menashe Festival is a great little festival, a little off the beaten track and tourist trail, but a festival that has been growing yearly and is now one of the biggest indie culture festivals in Israel!

The festival usually takes place in the forests above Mishmar HaEmek, in the Ramot Menashe region of Megiddo. As we mentioned, a little off the well-worn tourist route…

It originally started as a very localized event, but has since gotten attention from people all over Israel (and a few tourists). There are some great performances to enjoy from some of Israel’s biggest alternative stars, plus a whole ton of dance, art, workshops, and even kids theater. You can expect: rock’n’roll meets reggae, poetry, dance, theater, performance art, folk, experimental music, and more, all in the spirit of a strong social statement and connection to nature.

Thanks to its ever-growing popularity, there are now buses from Tel Aviv that will take you to and from the festival. And yes, camping is available.

The 2019 festival is the 11th annual event and features a whole host of names and events, spread over three days (30 May – 1 June). For more details, see the official Facebook page or the website. Tickets range from 100 shekels to 300+ shekels (for the full 3 days).

Bring the kids – kids under six get in FREE!

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