The annual Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival warms up a chilly Jerusalem!

hullegeb ethiopian art festivalThe annual Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival returns to bring a bit of sunshine to a chilly Jerusalem!

This year it will be held for the seventh year from 15–21 December at various locations in Jerusalem, including the Confederation House, the Jerusalem Theater, the Gerard Behar Center, the First Station and the Yellow Submarine.

Hullegeb means “open to everyone/everything” and the festival is dedicated to creations by artists of Ethiopian origin in the fields of dance, music and theater. This unique outlet for the Ethiopian Israeli community reflects the depth and variety of their culture – from traditional to contemporary. Its dialogue with the surrounding Israeli culture can be seen in the wide range of performances presented at the festival along with its minor influences from Western and African art.

This celebration of Israeli Ethiopian arts is a bridge between new and old and the Ethiopian and the general Israeli communities.

This year’s festival opens with “the Ethiopian Aretha Franklin”, Aster Aweke, many of whose songs have become unofficial anthems for members of the community. Another rare Ethiopian artist is 93-year- old Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou who lives in the Ethiopian church in Jerusalem. Guèbrou is the focus of a performance devoted entirely to her marvelous melodies, performed by Maya Dunietz.

For a full list of events and times, click here.



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