Start practicing your Ni Hao Ma’s – the Chinese are coming to Israel BIG time!

Hainan Airlines to IsraelWith 2014 proving to be a very decent year for tourism (down just 1% on 2013, even with a nasty little war right in the middle of the year, which undoubtedly had a knock-on effect), the appeal of Israel is still reaching new heights!

This week Chinese airline Hainan Airlines, the largest privately-owned Chinese airline, has proposed THREE direct weekly flights to Israel, beginning September 2015. The flights will run from Beijing to Ben Gurion, and are expected to run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

This could well and truly open the doors to huge numbers of Chinese tourists in Israel, especially when you take into consideration they have the world’s largest outgoing tourism market (116 million tourists from China in 2014).

Over the last three years, there has been a constant growth in the percentage increase of incoming tourism from China to Israel – even though the actual numbers are low in comparison to the overall Chinese market. In 2014, about 34,100 visitors from China arrived in Israel, 36.2% more than 2013 when 25,042 came; 76% more than 2012 when the numbers reached 19,416.

Better start practicing those Ni Haos


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