So which beach in Israel is the cleanest?

There are some awesome beaches in Israel (by the way, we think this is the best beach in Israel), especially for those of us coming from colder climes where the sun peeks out from behind the clouds only now and again…

But ever wondered which of those exotic, sandy beaches meets environmental standards of cleanliness?

Well, according to the Blue-Green Flag beach rankings from the Environmental Protection Ministry last week, the best two beaches in Israel are Tel Aviv’s HaTzuk Beach North (my preferred destination these days, especially with the kids in tow) and Herzliya’s Acadia North.

Both the HaTzuk Beach North and Acadia North received almost perfect grades, while Nordau, Metzitzim and Jerusalem beaches in Tel Aviv, plus Herzl beach in Netanya, were close behind.

The current bad boys, those beaches with low cleanliness rankings, are the Separate (religious) Beach in Hadera and Michmoret South in Emek Hefer, with Sokolov in Nahariya and Olga South in Hadera and Bogroshov in Tel Aviv not doing themselves any favors. The popular Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv is currently closed, and unranked, thanks to some lovely pollution.

Things often change in these rankings, as polluted beaches get cleaned up, but they should give you an idea of what to expect. Tel Aviv’s beaches (check out our guide to the beaches of Tel Aviv) sometimes get closed down for a day or two because of pollution, but are usually very quickly back in action.

You can keep an eye on the beach rankings here in English, or a more updated version here in Hebrew.



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