Mosh Beach, Eilat: chill, chill, Instagram & chill

Mosh Beach in Eilat has fast become one of the coolest, chillest places to be in Eilat – if not in the whole of Israel!


Located south of Eilat city center, Mosh Beach is undoubtedly the coolest beach in Eilat. So yes, you’ll have to get there early, especially at the weekend (think : 08:30), as it quickly gets packed. And not being one of the biggest beaches in Eilat, space is limited!

It’s FREE to get in though, which is nice to see. And with good food (they have a decent, price-friendly breakfast menu, with great shakshuka), some nice greenery to shield from the scorching Red Sea sun, and a decent sandy spread of beach…which gets filled up pretty quickly – did we mention you need to get there early?! – Mosh Beach is a definite one to add to your Eilat checklist.

Just so you know, the crowd is young and chill, and likely to be focused more on their Instagram and Tik Tok profile, but there is definitely room for families and oldies. If you’re into your snorkeling, this isn’t the beach for you (try these great spots for snorkeling in Eilat), but if you’re into some nice, relaxing beach action in Eilat, give Mosh Beach a spin!

To keep abreast of all things Mosh, check out their Facebook page here. And while you’ve still got your bikini on, dont forget to check out some of Israel’s very finest beaches!

How to get there:



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