So, does it rain in Israel?

You might have been forgiven for thinking that Israel doesn’t have much of a winter, what with posts about wearing flip-flops in January and shots of delicious sunsets from my back garden…but this week the weather finally came to bite most of us on the ass. With sharp, vampire-like fangs…

So in answer to the question – yes, it does rain in Israel!

Officially the rainy season in Israel is said to kick off in October. But I don’t think you’ll be getting too wet in October or November, with only a rare day of rain here and there. It’s only in December when the rain starts to get a little more serious. And when I mean serious, you might see 4 or 5 days of rain the whole month. Israel isn’t an umbrella’s worst nightmare, as you can see…

This week actually saw 2 or 3 days of seriously heavy rain pretty much throughout the whole of Israel. Even the south and the Negev desert saw huge amounts of rain, enough for the local rivers to burst and cause some serious flood damage. Unfortunately a few people got caught up in these floods, and a couple of people were killed. So no, I wouldn’t recommend going to see the flash floods in the desert. Yes, spectacular, but also very deadly.

So if you’re coming to visit Israel in December – February, bring a brolly and some waterproof clothing. Don’t forget to read our guide to the best time to visit Israel.

And here are a couple of great little charts that show the climate throughout the year for Jerusalem and Eilat. Check out Eilat’s huge volume of rainfall!

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