Our guide to the artists coming to Israel in 2011

For music lovers in (or about to come to) Israel, here’s our annual guide to the performers about to give us eargasms in the Holy Land. It’s an ever-growing list of the artists who have put pen to paper and are scheduled to perform in Israel in 2011.

Last year was a great year (see our  popular 2010 guide), with some of the music industry’s biggest names coming over to strut their stuff in the Holy Land, including Elton John, Metallica and Rihanna. There were also big name cancellations, including two of our favorites, Elvis Costello and The Pixies, but this is what music lovers in Israel have to put up with now and again, unfortunately.

It’s still early days but 2011 looks to be very promising. We’re expecting some BIG names this year but you can start screaming if you like Justin Bieber because the teen sensation is already booked. Rock legends Bon Jovi (they cancelled) are also confirmed, as is legend Bob Dylan. The same never-ending rumors are also circulating about other big names coming to Israel, including U2 and Coldplay, but we feel it’s about time the Rolling Stones put the annual Rolling Stones rumor to bed and set a date. Come on Mick, sort it out mate!

Here’s the list of currently confirmed concerts. Expect this list to grow and grow throughout the coming months…

<<By the way, if you’re looking for tickets for any of these shows, just call the number listed for each one. Alternatively you could try goticket.co.il (mostly in Hebrew but they’ll be glad to help you out if you call/email).>>


15.1.11 & 22.1.11 & 12.2.11 & 21.2.11 Voca People @ Zappa Club, Tel Aviv.  An international vocal theater performance (made up of mostly Israelis I believe) combining vocal sounds and acapella singing with the art of beatbox. Tickets for each of the four shows are 145 shekels (Tel: 03-7626666). The clip below has been viewed over 7 million times on YouTube!

20.1.11 The Fall @ Barby Club, Tel Aviv. Legendary Manchester indie band, who Q magazine rated as one of the top 50 bands you have to see before you die. Tickets are 180 shekels (Tel: 03-5188123).

20.1.11 The Bad Plus @ Eilat Port (part of the Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival). Constantly evolving band, they perform with original materials as well as deconstructed pop, rock, country and classical music pieces. Tickets are 300 shekels (Tel: *8965).

10.2.11 Vanessa Paradis @ Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv. The lovely Vanessa will be strutting her stuff while hubbie Johnny Depp watches from the sidelines. Expect a media circus! Tickets range from between 200-1000 shekels (Tel: *8965). Cancelled :-(

11.2.11 & 12.2.11 Macy Gray @ Reading 3, Tel Aviv. The Grammy Award winner is starting to make this an annual thing – which is a very good thing! She’s here for two shows, tickets are 250 shekels (Tel: 03-7624000).

25.2.11 Younger Brother @ Ganei Tarucha, Hall 15. Renowned as an “unclassifiable” electronic duo, these Brit poppers will be here to promote their latest album Vaccine. Tickets will be going for 200 shekels but if you’re quick you can get them for 165 (Tel: 03-5107070).

28.2.11 & 1.3.11 Gogol Bordello @ Barby Club, Tel Aviv. This Gypsy punk band from New York have developed quite a following thanks to their amazing live shows. And yes, one of the band is an Israeli, just to make things more interesting. Two shows, well worth catching at least one of them. Tickets are 200-250 shekels (Tel: 03-5188123).

5.3.11 Oli Brown @ Reading 3, Tel Aviv. He might be 21, but this young Brit is well worth catching if you’re into awesome guitar playing and the blues. Tickets are 179-199 shekels.

10.3.11 Jose Carreras @ Nokia Hall, Tel Aviv. One of the renowned Three Tenors (joining Pavarotti and Domingo), this Spanish legend will be here to stretch his vocal chords to the limit (though some say his voice isn’t quite the same these days). Tickets are between 320-1000 shekels (Tel: *3221).

14.4.11 Justin Bieber @ HaYarkon Park (to be confirmed), Tel Aviv. The teen sensation wowing the world’s teenage girls will be here to break a few young Israeli hearts. Bless him. Tickets are expected to cost a minimum of 300 shekels and up. Will he be the biggest draw of 2011? Let’s hope not (sorry teenies…).

16.4.11 Megadeth @ Exhibition Grounds, Tel Aviv. The original 80s thrash metal band will be here to make your ears bleed! They’ve been through a lot, including various lineup changes and a lot of substance abuse, but they still have a big fan base. Tickets are 269 shekels (Tel: 03-5215200).

27.4.11 Bon Jovi @ Bloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv. Rock and roll legends have finally confirmed the date, after a long wait. Tickets are reportedly very expensive but as yet, no firm details.

28.4.11 & 30.4.11 Philip Korkorov @ Congress Center, Haifa (28th) and Nokia Hall, Tel Aviv (30th). The Russian superstar with a soft spot for Israel (his mum is Jewish and he even got married in Jerusalem) will be here to serenade us with some of his Russian pop classics. Ticket prices are yet to be confirmed.

29.4.11 Echo and the Bunnymen @ Reading 3, Tel Aviv. Liverpool’s alternative Fab Four are here to relive their 80s heyday, the time when haircuts and synthesizers ruled supreme. Great great band in their day, you can catch them for 250 shekels (Tel: 03-7624000).

14.5.11 Deep Purple @ Amphitheater, Caesarea. British rock legends are visiting Israel once again to deliver the ultimate guitar riff to open a song…There may also be a second show scheduled for the following day but this has yet to be confirmed. Tickets will be between 360-810 shekels (Tel: *8965).

17.5.11 Hurts @ Reading 3, Tel Aviv. British electric pop duo, with plenty of style and plenty of fans after starting out in 2009. A modern, ballady type version of Tears For Fears. Tickets are 260 shekels a pop (Tel: 03-5620255).


30.5.11 Enrique Iglesias @ Nokia Hall, Tel Aviv. The latin hunk will be here to perform hits from his latest album and vast back catalog (in English and Spanish). Tickets will be in the 250-1000 shekels range (Tel: *8965).

12.6.11 Andrea Bocelli @ Masada. The legendary Italian tenor will be here to perform with the Israeli Opera in a unique concert at Masada, next to the Dead Sea. Proceeds from the concert will go to residents of the Galilee and the Negev. Ticket prices are not yet confirmed.

20.6.11 – Bob Dylan @ the Ramat Gan Stadium. Expect a “mature” crowd, but a very keen and happy lot. They’ve been waiting for this one a looong time in Israel.  Tickets are expected to be pricey (Tel: 03-5247373).

22.6.11 Bryan Ferry @ the Hechal HaTarbut in Tel Aviv. Moved from April because Bryan was sick, expect to pay anything from 250 – 900 shekels for some sophisticated crooning (Tel: 03-5247373).

1.7.11 – Suede @ the Exhibition Grounds in Rokach Street, Tel Aviv. A must-see gig for lovers of Britpop, as this band was one of the leading lights of the movement, at least initially. Tickets are to be between 290-340 shekels (Tel: *8965). I’ll be there.

5.7.11 – Ray Manzarek (of The Doors) @ Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port. Together with Robby Krieger, who wrote some of The Doors’ classics, including Light My Fire and Love Her Madly, this show promises to be a cracker. Tickets will be going for 349-499 shekels (Tel: 03-5215200).

30.7.11 – Duran Duran @ Exhibition Grounds in Rokach Street, Tel Aviv. Legendary Brummie boy band from the 80s, Duran Duran will be here to get us all weak at the knees once again. Tickets are going to be 295 shekels (Tel: *9066).


22.10.11 – Roxette @ Exhibition Grounds in Rokach Street, Tel Aviv. The 90s superstars are here to promote their new album Charm School, but you can bet their classics will form part of the playlist. Tickets will be on sale from 18th April and will cost 295-370 shekels (Tel: *9066).

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