Marks and Spencer’s Israeli Valentine

As Valentines Day hits us once again, it’s good to know that the Holy Land has a number of alternative attractions appropriate for such a special day. OK, you can forget your Dead Sea, your Old City and your Tel Aviv beach – it’s time for the Bar!

Yes, Israel’s favourite Bar, Bar Refaeli, Israel’s very own supermodel. She was recently hired to advertise Marks and Spencer’s line of Valentine lingerie. And a very fine job she does too, don’t you think? Otherwise known as Leonardo DiCaprio’s other half, some might argue that she got this far because of that attachment…personally I think she’s gorgeous and I have this sneaky suspicion I’m not alone…

Well, that’s my Valentines gift to the wife sorted. Strange that I can’t find anything on the official Marks and Spencer site about Bar and her Valentine lingerie…

And Bar Refaeli has also just been selected to front the latest edition of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. The world would surely be a much better place with more Bar Refaeli on more front covers.



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