Marinado: a must-try paradise for meat-eaters on the shores of the Sea of Galilee!

If you’re in the north of Israel (specifically in the Sea of Galilee area) and you’ve got some serious hunger pangs – read: hankering for succulent, tasty meat – head to the Eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee to Marinado.

Marinado, located opposite the entrance to the Ein Gev Port, is a growing chain of meat specialists, with butcher joints popping up throughout the country, and sandwich bars and another restaurant in Sarona Market in Tel Aviv. But we’re going to tell you about the delights of the Galilee branch (I believe they refer to it as the Ein Gev branch).

First of all (before you sit down to eat, otherwise you just won’t have the energy after eating!), have a little wander through the adjoining Marinado shop for some amazing eats and drinks, including many Marinado own-brands, such as beer and spices. They’re not cheap, but there are some great things to buy, you really won’t know where to start!

Secondly, ask the waiters for some guidance, as they really do have a great selection of cuts and meats to savor. We had manager Terry pointing the way for us, complete with wine, and have to say, were very impressed. Both by the service and by the food itself. We’d come hungry but definitely didn’t leave hungry…

marinado ein gev

As I said, you could choose something specific from the menu, but you can also choose to take a “mixed platter” of meats, so you get to taste a bit of everything. That’s what we went for, and yep, it was a good choice (pic above)! Even our fussy youngest one downed some very tasty chicken breast cuts AND salads, so yes, job well done Marinado!

The price ranges a bit for something like the mixed platter, depending on the number of diners (between 269 and 619 for between 2-6 diners) but is well worth considering. Or you could get very adventurous and try the Marinado Sword, a double skewer of meat complete with 700g of different types of meat.

And yep, the have some vegetarian and gluten friendly options on the menu too. Check out their menu here for all those delicious options (Hebrew only).

We’ll certainly be back!

Telephone: 04-6658555



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