MAD Music Festival 2013: FIFTY shows on one night – all FREE!

Mad Music Festival Tel Aviv

If you love your LIVE Israeli indie bands, head out to ten of Tel Aviv’s best clubs this Wednesday (17th July) for MAD Music 2013!

The festival,  which features some FIFTY shows on the one night – all FREE – is part of the MAD 2013 – Media, Advertising, Digital and Communication Conference, which aims to expose some of Israel’s finest indie musicians.

The action starts at 19:30 in each club (subject to availability), and will take place at the following clubs: Abraxas, OCD, Nanuchka, Tsuzamen, Shesek, Breakfast Club, Radio EPGB, Sandra & Miller, Rothscild 12, Levontin 7, Ozen Bar. 

See the official program (in English!) for more info.

One of our faves, Men of North Country, will be at Rothschild 12 – try and catch ’em if you can!



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