Love Shaksuka? The Shakshuka Fest is your destination!

shakshookaIf you love shakshuka, you’re gonna love this little festival – the Shakshuka Festival!

The rather scrumptious dish of tomatoes, eggs, and a blend of delish Middle Eastern spices is, of course, a much loved meal by tourists and locals alike. Seriously,  don’t be surprised by the love felt for this popular dish, as it is definitely one of the top 5 must tries in Israel. In our opinion, you can never have enough shakshuka in your life…

This mini festival, hosted by local dairy Gad, will feature some of the best cafes and restaurants in Israel dishing out the good stuff. The festival lasts til the 14th January 2015, and while it continues you can grab yourself an awesome dish of shakshuka for between 39-59 shekels at the featured eateries.

Some of Tel Aviv’s finest cafes and restaurants are taking part in this unique festival, including Atnachta, Jeremiah, Cafe Shine, Ahat Ha’am, Campanello, Café Delicatessen, Anina, Bookworm, Caffe Yaffo, Bleecker Bakery, Café Abrage, and Coffee House.

In Jerusalem, try the following spots for a slice of shakshuka magic: Derech HaGefen, Trattoria Haba, Thomas Masaryk, and Lavan.

For a full list of the eateries taking part, see the Gad Dairy Facebook page for details (Hebrew only unfortunately).

And if you want the ultimate shakshuka pit-stop, it has to be Doctor Shaksuka in Yafo…




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