Lebanon strikes at Israel once again – the Hummus War returns!

Israel and Lebanon are at it again – the Hummus War! Saturday saw some 300 Lebanese chefs mixing and stirring for all they were worth in order to create a new world record dish of hummus. The Guinness Book of Records representative – who, according to my Israeli sources, was on a four day fast prior to his role as chief Hummus officiator – confirmed the new record dish at some 10,452 kilos.

The Lebanese are adamant that Israel has no right to what they claim as their national dish, and it now looks as though we are moving into a tit-for-tat battle for world supremacy. Israel took the world record back in January, when 50 Israeli chefs mixed up 4 tonnes of hummus for fame and glory, so we can safely assume Abu Gosh is already preparing for the next battle…

The Lebanese chefs also mixed their prize-winning hummus in a record breaking dish – the largest ever earthenware dish (if I recall, the Israeli record breaker was mixed in an old satellite dish).

Israel is a big exporter of hummus, something which is probably pissing off many an Arab nation who see hummus as Arab nosh. Now the Lebanese are also gunning for the world record for falafel, another Middle Eastern delicacy popular throughout the region…

It’s going to be a long, culinary summer…so don’t forget to bring your pita along (the pita is used to wipe the plate clean, a custom you really need to get your head round if you want to feel and experience the “real Israel”)!



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