July 2013: an ALL-TIME record for tourism numbers to Israel!

Dan Eilat viewWe know you keep on coming so it’s no surprise to hear those tourism records keep a-tumbling – July 2013 is the  latest to keep the boffins at the Ministry of Tourism happy!

The month of July saw an all-time record for incoming tourism:  246,000 tourists (staying more than one night) entered Israel in July 2013, which is up 2% on July 2012.

220,000 entries were by air (3% up on last year), while 26,000 arrived through the border crossings, 8% down on last year (largely due to a big fall in those coming from Sinia/Taba into Eilat).

Some 54,000 day visitors (16,000 on cruise ships, 16,000 via land crossings, and 22,000 by air) entered Israel during the month, 24% up on last year.

The year so far, up to and including July is also looking very good, if only very slightly up on last year’s numbers for the same period. More than 2 million visitors have arrived in Israel, meaning yet another record figure for the months Jan-July, and breaking the previous record from 2012.

Of these entries, 1.7 million were tourists, actually 1% down on 2012,   and 1.4 million entries were recorded by air, a slight increase of 0.4% compared to the same period in 2012. The numbers are up thanks to the increase in day visitors, some 10% up on the same period last year (139,000 came on cruise ships, 27% up on 2012, 148,000 came via the border crossings, down 9% on 2012, and 70,000 by air, a 34% increase).

With so many things to see and do in Israel, we’re not at all surprised. Hopefully we’ve down our little bit to convince even more of you to come visit the Holy Land! :-)



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