Jean Michel Jarre lines up an April 2017 concert in Israel!

Jean Michel Jarre IsraelThe legendary electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre is performing in Israel this coming September April (2017)!

Known for his best-selling and ground-breaking album Oxygene and for some mind-blowing outdoor concerts, Jarre will be performing at the Dead Sea as part of a huge campaign to bring awareness to the plight of the Dead Sea (at the current rate, there won’t be a Dead Sea to float in by 2050).

The concert is scheduled to take place at Masada, one of the most amazing spots for a concert in the world, we think you’ll agree! And even more amazing – the concert will be broadcast live around the world to reach an expected audience of millions! The concert was originally scheduled for September 2016, but hey, we’re not complaining!

Tickets are now on sale, and start at a mere 495 shekels! For more details, click here.

In the meantime, here’s a slice of Jean Michel Jarre in concert…

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