Israeli movie Ajami set for Oscar glory

Israeli movie Ajami, a story of drugs, violence and tough times in a mixed Arab-Jewish Jaffa neighborhood, has done the Israeli movie industry proud with the amazing news that it got an Oscar nomination yesterday. This is the third year in a row (following Beaufort in 2008 and Waltz with Bashir from last year) that an Israeli movie is in line for an Oscar in the Foreign Language category, and yes, it’s another cracker…

What is perhaps most amazing is that the cast of Ajami is made up of mostly locals from the neighborhood, with hardly any professional actors involved. They’ve managed to catch the simmering hatred between both Jewish and Arab communities rather spectacularly, it has to be said.

Largely in Arabic with some Hebrew, Ajami has some five main story lines to follow, each intertwining at some inevitable point in the movie. If you find that hard to follow, the constant flashbacks might leave you a tad confused…but don’t let that put you off because it’s a great movie, highly recommended!

Here’s the trailer for Ajami, just to get you all excited…and don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook!

March 7th – mark it in your diaries as the day Israel might just get its hands on an Oscar!



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