Israel 2011: tourists are lovin’ it!

It might not be the most prosperous time for many across the world, but that hasn’t stopped Israel remaining a popular travel destination!

Floating in the Dead SeaThe numbers are in for the first seven months of the year and compared to last year’s record breaking year for tourism, 2011 is up on those numbers by some 4%!

The stats released by the Central Bureau of Statistics show that 1.9 million visitors entered Israel and stayed for at least a night.

What is perhaps even more pleasing for those in the tourism industry is that those tourists who visit Israel are showing and expressing their satisfaction, at least according to a survey by Geocartography.

Some 27,000 of the 3.45 million tourists who stopped by in Israel during 2010 were surveyed, and gave high ratings to archaeological sites, personal safety, accommodation facilities, night life and people’s friendliness.

And for those in any doubt, the city that most attracted tourists was, of course, Jerusalem. Israel’s capital city led the way with some 77% of all visitors, while 56% visited Tel Aviv, 51% stopped by at the Dead Sea, 35% headed for Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, and 33% visited Nazareth.

Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov was quick to point out that the great numbers were down to “increased budgets and intensive marketing activities”, with revenue from incoming tourism alone adding up to some 8 billion shekels in January – July 2011.



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