Have a chat with Mr President, Shimon Peres!

Shimon PeresIn tandem with the 4th Israeli Presidential Conference, “Facing Tomorrow”, which yes, starts tomorrow, you can now have your own personal chinwag (chat) with the Israeli President, Shimon Peres!

The ability to shoot the breeze is actually done via the conference Facebook page (via an app) and enables anyone from around the world to have a chat with Shimmy P.

He’s always been one to embrace new technology (see his first ever Christmas YouTube message here), but this new app takes things a little further. You can choose pretty much any subject you like, and the President of Israel will chat back!

If you ever wanted to know what makes Shimon Peres the man tick, here’s your chance. He will open up his personal life to memories of his wife Sonia, crises he has experienced, his love of sport, and so on.

Yoni Bloch, a famous Israeli musician and the man behind the technology being used, had this to say:

President Peres is a leader who looks to the future. His willingness to work with us on this new project comes from his understanding that young people are looking for personal experiences in the interactive world. Thanks to this new technology, any individual can have a personal conversation with the President, in a way that was previously unimaginable. The President is opening a channel to global citizenry to get to know him personally, in a way he has not been seen at any event or in any interview. The President speaks about his disappointments, his hopes, the opportunities for a better tomorrow and the dangers we face in the present.

To grab your own personal chat with President Shimon Peres, check out the Facebook app here.



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