Get to see the REAL Israel…with the Knowers app!

While our site does its best to provide you with lots of useful tips, there’s nothing like connecting to a reliable local source who’s willing to help you make the most of your visit. Hence our tip of the week is to download Knowers, the app that connects you to local people anywhere in Israel, instantly!

Using Knowers is pretty simple – just type in any question, in any category – from restaurants and transportation to more specific categories such as vegan places or accessibility for the disabled, and the right local, AKA Knower, will be there to answer your questions.

What’s best about asking locals for recommendations, rather than browsing through many outdated posts out there (heck, even we can admit to a few of those) is that you can bet that it’s a lot more up-to-date. It’s a person’s everyday life, routine or passion that they’re sharing with you. 

When you ask a Knower, you get a real answer, from a real person. You can be pretty damn sure that the place and recommendation are gonna rock (or at least exist), and who knows, you might even find a meaningful connection with a local.

Whether you’re coming to visit the holy sites, coming for a week to eat all the amazing local food, or just coming to relax on the beach and watch the hot men and women play Matkot (the popular beach ball sport pronounced Mat-Kot), you’ll already be in the know the moment you arrive in Israel.

Knowers launched earlier this year and is available for Android users at the moment (don’t worry iPhones, they’re coming for you too). Packed with a cool UI and easy-to-use app, and a fast-growing community of travelers and locals, we’re pretty certain Knowers is one of the must-try apps you’ll have on your phone for your next visit to Israel!

Download from the Google Play Store here.

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