Five awesome 2013 Purim Parties to shake your bootie at!

Purim is here again!

We love the Jewish holiday of Purim – and in particular, Purim parties! There’s really no better excuse for getting dressed up, sticking on a stupid wig, and slapping on some lipstick (and as for the ladies…)…

Every year we try to bring you the very best parties and events to check out, as there really are some crackers to enjoy. This year is no exception – we’ve come up with FIVE Purim parties you really should try and catch!

In no particular order…

Tel Aviv Street Party

Tel Aviv Street Party

This huge street party takes place on Friday the 22 February, and starts at 12:00 (noon). The location: in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Shaul HaMelech Boulevard. Included in the lineup – Jeremy Olander, Nadave Neeman, MC Peled, Walter, Doni Kisluk, and Yarin Lidor, among others. FREE entrance – expect it to be crowded! See the official Facebook page for more details (mostly in Hebrew).

Here’s a quick look at a previous party…look at that crowd!

The Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk 2013

Now FOUR years old, this has become the hottest Purim event in Tel Aviv. Zombie Walk 2013 will happen on Saturday night, 23 February, and starts at 21:00, at the regular meeting point of Ben Zion Boulevard (the corner of King George street). FREE to join! See the Facebook page for more details.

Here’s a clip from last year to give you an idea…

Wi Party at Dizengoff Square

The guys behind the concept of silent parties, meaning music is heard through headphones only, are back with a Purim party at Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv. The action takes place on Friday 22 February and starts at 12:00. Renting out of headphones will cost you 30 shekels, but also get you a free chaser to get the juices flowing! See the Facebook page for more details (only Hebrew).

For a taste of what a Wi Party is all about…

Michal Street Carnival

The annual Michal Street Party is one of those parties only the locals really get to hear about. It’s actually been going some 20 years, and happens this year on Sunday 24 February. The action kicks off at 16:00 and will run til 23:00. The street will be closed off to traffic. Expect beers, costumes, and a great vibe! Michal Street is located near King George and Ben Tzion streets. See the Facebook page for more details.

A taste from last year…

Florentin Street Party

Florentin Street PartyThe annual Florentin Street Party has become a legendary Purim event, although unfortunately the 2012 event was cancelled by the police. Here’s hoping this year it takes place – if it does, expect the whole neighborhood of Florentin to be buzzing! The streets will be packed (weather permitting), the music pumping, and the vibe pure party central! Typically it takes place on Saturday night, but it has still to be confirmed.

Here’s a slice of the action from 2011…



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