Family attractions in Tel Aviv: the ESSENTIAL guide!

Family attractions in Tel Aviv are surprisingly abundant! For those of you visiting Israel with children you’ll be pleased to know that Tel Aviv, often known as The City That Never Sleeps, offers plenty of entertaining activities for all ages.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the main family-friendly attractions in Tel Aviv, all of which we can highly recommend (and with three littl’uns of our own, we’ve tried and tested them all). And don’t miss our guide to the more adult-friendly attractions, right here!

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The Luna Park

Luna Park, Tel AvivIf there’s one thing that will truly grab your child’s attention it’s amusement parks, and the Luna Park has established itself as one of the very best amusement parks in Israel. Its signature ride is the Anaconda, an incredible roller-coaster ride that really delivers in the thrills department. It will definitely allow your kids to have a whale of a time screaming while they hang on for dear life.

If your kids are a little more timid, there’s always the Miniconda, and the old fairground stalwarts, like Bumper Cars or the Ghost Train. Don’t forget to try the traditional funfair stalls that give you a chance to win prizes by ring-flipping or rifle shooting. The funfair atmosphere is convivial and you’ll definitely be in your kids good books with this one.

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HaYarkon Park

Tel Aviv hayarkon parkHaYarkon Park is easily Israel’s most famous park and might just surprise you with its sheer size. The moment you step into this park (one of the main entrances and car parks is located just opposite the Luna Park – but you can access the park at many points, it’s huge!), you can’t help but marvel at its lush greenery and the lovely Yarkon River that runs through the park (now clean and kayakable!). There are plenty of fun outdoor activities here for the whole family.

If your children love sports, take them to the massive outdoor playground. The slides, swings and climbing towers will keep them occupied for hours. There’s also a train ride for the little ones, and karts can also be rented out.

You could also encourage your children to try conquering the Olympus climbing wall (call 03-6990910 for more details) or perhaps the Mini Golf course (03-6990229) located in the eastern part of the park.

Tel Aviv Beach

Tel Aviv beach with kidsThe good thing about Tel Aviv is that it is very much a beach city and has the weather for it almost all year round. Tel Aviv also has some gorgeous sandy beaches, and you can pretty much take your pick from the coastline that stretches from the Dolphinarium to the northern beaches of Tel Barukh and HaTzuk (all Tel Aviv beaches are FREE to access accept these two northern beaches). Another option along the beachfront is the Gordon Swimming Pool (, a public pool for all the family with great slides, and cold, refreshing water on those blazingly hot days!

Don’t forget to take plenty of sunscreen, hats, and water, especially during the hotter, summer months.

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If those three family sites don’t do it for your kids, here are some more great options in and around Tel Aviv:


This is a water park located to the north of the HaYarkon Park, typically only open in the summer. It’s a great place for the smaller kids to have some fun, with some great slides to enjoy. Usually crowded, but this is Israel, and during holiday season pretty much everywhere is crowded, unfortunately.  See the official website or call 03-6422777 for more details.

Tel Aviv Port

The ever rejuvenating Tel Aviv Port is a great place for all the family, with a huge, decked area perfect for the little ones to run around, skate, or bike on. There are usually some great exhibitions on during the holiday season for all the family, and there are also some great kid-friendly restaurants to try. Read our guide to the Tel Aviv Port here.

Ramat Gan Safari

The Ramat Gan Safari is an awesome place to take animal-loving kids. On the outskirts of Tel Aviv, check out the Jurassic Park-like lion enclosure, and the over 1600 other animals on display. Not to miss: the impressive family of gorillas. Open throughout the week, we’d highly recommend you skip a weekend visit here, it will be packed! Read our full guide here.

Tel Aviv Art Museum

The amazing Tel Aviv Art Museum is great for all the family. The adults will enjoy the awesome collections of art at one of Tel Aviv’s most popular sites, while the children will enjoy more the basement section full of hands-on activities for all ages. There’s also Magic Tuesdays, where adults and children join forces on a special tour of the Museum. Read our full guide here.

Israel Childrens Museum

This Museum is actually located just outside Tel Aviv in Holon, a 20 minute drive away. The exhibits are geared specifically for kids aged 2.5 until 11, and getting hands-on is very much encouraged. For more info, see the official website, or call 03-6503000.

Tsapari Junga Junga

Located in HaYarkon Park, Tsafary Junga Junga actually comprises two attractions in one: the first attraction is the bird safari park which showcases an impressive variety of colorful bird species, plus a regular parrot show your kids will LOVE. Then try the giant “Junga Junga” jungle gym where your kids can enjoy ball pools, humongous climbing walls and other jungle gym staples. Call 03-6422888 for details or see the official website – only open on Saturdays and during the holidays.

Max Brenner

And after all that running around and letting off steam, how about wrapping the day up with a visit to Max Brenner, a chain of chocolate restaurants set up by one of Israel’s leading chocolatiers. Yes, the whole menu is chocolate-based! They currently have three branches in Tel Aviv – at Tel Aviv Port, 45 Rothschild Avenue, and 23 HaBarzel Street. Call 1-700-70-88-77 for further details.


Tel Aviv has many attractions that are fun for the whole family, so don’t be afraid to bring your children with you on your visit to Israel!

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