Coming to Israel this winter? Bring your brolly!

Last weekend saw a deluge of rain that surprised many in Israel, me included. Saturday night/early Sunday morning saw a real downpour, something that rarely happens in September. Of course, we’ve already told you when is the best time to visit Israel…just hope nobody got an unexpected soaking!

It’s not unusual for a few drops of rain to beat down in September, but that’s all it usually is – a few drops. The deluge that soaked Israel last weekend is very rare and usually only comes some time in mid-late October. In Hebrew this first real soaking is known as HaYoreh (yes, even the first rainfall of the winter has a name!). As far as I know, the second deluge doesn’t get a name…

The rains really struck hard in the Golan Heights in the North of Israel, some 70 mm falling after only a few hours, while in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem only a few mms fell. Hopefully some of that rain will trickle down from the Golan Heights to the Sea of Galilee, which is in dire need of some rain to replenish its receding water levels (you should know that the level of the Sea of Galilee becomes a national obsession during the winter months, especially during dry winters).

This early deluge is, according to Israeli meteorologists, due to a cold front that blew Israel’s way via Turkey and the Black Sea. And this winter you can expect a few more of them coming the Holy Land’s way, as this winter’s forecast looks like netting a 25% increase in rainfall over last year.

So, just in case, when deciding what to pack for Israel this coming winter, we’d highly recommend bringing something waterproof. And in case you want to keep an eye on the weather over the coming weeks and months, check out these links below:



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