Coldplay hotly rumored to perform TWO November 2017 concerts in Israel!

coldplay in israelColdplay, one of the world’s biggest bands – if not the biggest – are hotly tipped to be lining up at least 2 concerts in Israel in November 2017!

Of course, this one is only a hot juicy rumor as of this minute, mainly due to a surprise visit to Israel last week by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

The target date was originally speculated to be October, but is now thought to be early November, largely due to the the fact that these lily-white Brits would wilt away during the summer months here in Israel…but the northern part of the Dead Sea, as well as Masada are being talked about by some “in the know” as the location for a Coldplay concert in Israel. Local rag Israel HaYom is saying the concerts are planned as part of the annual Tamar Festival, probably Israel’s biggest music festival (and if this rumor is true, it’ll surely grab that “biggest festival” crown, hook line and sinker!).

We will keep you posted of course, but for now this one is looking 50-50. There are a LOT of Coldplay fans in Israel, many of whom travel abroad to catch the band, so if this rumor does have any legs to it, expect those tickets to go fast!

In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with this…



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