Jewish Holidays

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Shavuot in the Galilee

On Friday I drove up north to moshav Sarona, a farming village on the road to the Sea of Galilee. We went up there to visit some of my wife's family and to cele... Read More...

Shavuot food porn

Here are a few pictures from the great Shavuot dinner we had last night. As you can see, there is an absolutely amazing array of dairy-based food, all prepared ... Read More...
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Independence Day videos

I won't bore you with tales of how many kebabs I wolfed down on such a glorious BBQ-type day, or how many fireworks I heard sizzling and popping in the night sk... Read More...

Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day)

A week after Holocaust Day, it's time to pause for thought again with another sombre commemoration of Israel's fallen. This time it's Yom HaZikaron, or Memorial... Read More...

Passover pictures

A couple of days late as Passover is now done and dusted, and the hametz is well and truly back in the nation's cupboards, but here are some pictures from Passo... Read More...



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