Camping at the Sea of Galilee? This is the only beach you’ll need…

First of all, I have to say that camping at the Sea of Galilee in recent years has become a bit of a nightmare, especially during the holiday season (we did warn you). As a result, we’ve started to steer clear of camping out under the stars around this wonderful lake…

However, as part of our amazing 32-day family adventure across Israel, we decided to give the Sea of Galilee another chance – to be more specific, Susita Beach, next to Ein Gev on the Eastern shore of the lake.

And we were happy little campers!If you’re expecting luxury European/American style camping, then this beach isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a quiet camping experience on a Sea of Galilee beach that really does stick to its word about keeping things quiet (lights go out around 10:30pm), then Susita beach is probably the only beach you’ll need.

The beach sits on a fairly stony stretch of the Sea of Galilee shoreline, but there’s plenty of shady areas under some awesome eucalyptus trees, and as long as you go early enough – even during peak season – you can find a good spot to pitch your tent. And with the lights going out early, and wardens strolling around to keep things in check, this is a place for groups and families to enjoy, without the need to bring your own karaoke microphone (Israelis lurve their karaoke machines when they go camping, unfortunately)…

There is also a decent kiosk that stays open fairly late, just in case you need some water or beer, or get the munchies (they cook up a decent pizza for the very hungry). The shower / toilet facilities are basic, and can get a little crowded during peak season, but they do the job.

But waking up next to this amazing lake and taking an early morning dip before the sun gets too overbearing is one experience you’ll never forget…

All in all, Susita beach is well worth considering if you’re after that camping experience at the Sea of Galilee – we’ll be back!



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