Bar Refaeli and Sandi Bar back on the streets?

One of the nicest things about driving in Israel (and let’s face it, it’s not the easiest of experiences), used to be the drive through Tel Aviv on the main Ayalon freeway. Apart from giving you a real good perspective of just how modern Israel has become, what with all those huge, new buildings springing up everywhere, it also gave us lads some perspiration inspiration with rather huge (building-size), advertising posters full of Israel’s most beautiful women.

Who can forget Sandi Bar‘s advert (see right) for a local chocolate pudding favourite (Milky), or Hila Nachshon‘s brief flirt with fame on the very same billboard for the very same milky chocolate pudding. And, of course, Bar Refaeli, who has appeared on some of the biggest billboards Israel’s Ayalon freeway has to offer! And ladies, let’s not pretend there wasn’t anything distracting you either…please see below for proof!

The good times came to an end around 18 months ago as the Israeli government decided that the ads were endangering drivers as they somehow got distracted, and all ads along the freeway were subsequently banned.

However, that decision was reversed this week as the government declared that ads can be placed on existing buildings only (but not residential buildings) and not on agricultural land. And no more flashing, moving and changing ads and plasma screens.

So yes, very soon Bar and Sandi and a whole horde of beautiful young Israelis will once again be staring down at us suggestively as we drive through Tel Aviv. We shall have to document their return, of course.

Please note: not every Israeli girl with the name Bar is a hot, young model. Almost, but not quite all.

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