Backstreet’s Back alriiigghht – the 90s icons return to Israel!!!

The Backstreet Boys – the teen sensations from the 90s – are coming back to Israel!

Last here in 2015 after canceling on us in 2014, this year they’ll be performing at the Rishon Letzion Live Park arena. The concert is scheduled for April 24, 2018, and tickets are set to start from 215 shekels.

This tour is part of their 25th anniversary tour, and after 3 sellout gigs last time, have gone for a one-off concert but in a much larger venue – plenty of room for all of you teenie-bopping 90s kids!

For ticket details, call *9964.

Backstreet’s Back alrightttt!!!

Here’s a slice of magic from the 90s…

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