AutoMotor: the ultimate exhibition for motor enthusiasts in Israel!

Automotor 2013AutoMotor, Israel’s annual exhibition for motor enthusiasts, is back in town!

The exhibition celebrates 25 years in 2013, and runs from July 21-24. It will feature some amazing exhibits this year – including movie cars!

Oh yes, expect to see some legendary beasts of the road, including cars from Batman (yes, the famous BatMobile among them!), The Fast and the Furious, Terminator, Skyfall (James Bond), Herbie Fully Loaded, Gone in 60 Seconds, Matrix, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Sylvester Stallone’s car in Cobra, and Hagrid’s motorcycle in Harry Potter.

There are also a hundred Israeli companies showing off their latest wares, including some awesome new brands of scooter (scooters are very popular in Tel Aviv!).

You can also expect to see five movies per day, plus exhibits of military technology and new international cars never seen before in Israel, plus some stunning stunt driving.

This year’s exhibition is expected to be a record breaker with some 400,000+ visitors, so get there early!

The exhibition is located at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds. Tickets cost 89 shekels, call 03-5215200 for more details.

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