As the temperatures in Israel soar…

…and Europe, Asia and the U.S. freeze in brass monkey weather (brrrrr), it’s time to pull out some of my summer favorites. Oh yes, my flip flops are back! Well, what’s a man supposed to do when temperatures have been soaring into the mid-high 20s this last couple of days…?

As the snow and sleet build up on your window sill, with yet more cold January days ahead, and your thoughts turn to dreamy days on idyllic Mediterranean beaches, I’ll be thinking of you as I strip down to my t-shirt and shorts and hook up again with my flip-flops.

Oh yes, the weather in Israel is at its best this weekend. It is, of course, the middle of winter, but you wouldn’t of thought it here in the Holy Land. I’ve previously told you about the best time to visit Israel, but when you get weekends like this one, it seems like Israel is a great place to visit all-year-round!

Just to get that green-eyed monster working overtime, here’s a screenshot from the BBC weather site a couple of days ago. Bliss!

So put away the gloves, scarf and hat, throw some t-shirts and shorts into a bag and come on over. The water really is lovely!



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