80s gods a-ha line up their first ever concert in Israel!

Legendary 80s icons a-ha are coming to Israel in June 2018 for their first ever concert in the Holy Land!

The concert takes place on the 21 June 2018, and will take place at the Amphi Park in Ranaana (it was originally scheduled for the Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv). Tickets aren’t amazingly cheap at 399 shekels a pop – for more details, call *9066.

The boys from Norway were HUGE in the 80s, and kick-started their career with the amazing (at that time) video for Take On Me. I’m not going to brag here, but I bought the single well before it even became a hit (it was released a couple of times I believe, before it turned into a monster), so you can thank me later for their ride to mega-stardom.

They’ll be here as part of their Electric Summer world tour, and expect to hear some awesome tunes like The Sun Always Shines On TV and Hunting High And Low, as well as the much awaited Take On Me.

The only question that remains is whether or not the ladies who screamed at lead singer Morten in the 80s will be ready to scream again…

As we ponder that question, here’s an awesomely calm version of their classic Take On Me


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