10 must-buy souvenirs from the Holy Land

Israel souvenirs

OK, so you’re on that long-awaited trip to Israel (or perhaps you’re already here and want to send home) and now the real problems start…just what the heck do you buy as a real genuine Israel souvenir/gift for friends and family, or even for yourself?

Well, to help you out on such an arduous mission, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 must-buy Holy Land souvenirs – some of them a little obvious, some of them a little off the radar, and some of them just downright amazing! If you’re still stuck after looking at this little list, try some of the additional options on our Shop page.

In no particular order…

Yair Emanuel’s judaica

Hamsa_souvenir_israelIf you’re looking for something truly unique, and for something a little more Jewish, the range of judaica created by the very talented Yair Emanuel is certainly something to add to your shopping list. Jerusalem-based, Yair Emanuel is one of Israel’s most popular commercial artists, and mixes a range of vivid colors with modern/ancient designs to many of his products, making them instantly recognizable. Choose from beautiful Jewish symbols, including kippot, challah bread covers, candle holders, and many blessings on fabric, which are embellished with metal and glass beads and then mounted on brass rods for hanging. Check out some of Yair’s bestsellers here.

Israeli t-shirts

Israel-T-ShirtThe old classic Israeli t-shirt is an easy option to add here, and of course, you’ve probably already seen many of the old classics hanging on display in places like the Carmel market or Machane Yehuda market. We’ll be honest, some of them have been around for donkey’s years and aren’t quite as funny as they could be, or quite as original as they were 30 years ago. However, there are some great newer designs out there too, including ones like this. Our dream is to one day create some funky t-shirts of our own – in the meantime, click here for a great range of t-shirts available.

Save your skin with AHAVA

Ahava cream souvenirThe Dead Sea is legendary for its health benefits, and one company that has played a major role in promoting those health benefits is AHAVA. You’ll find their products everywhere, even in shopping malls abroad, and it’s no real wonder; their great skincare range of all-natural products is a sure-fire winner for anybody who loves their body! AHAVA actually combine the Dead Sea’s rare mineral salts and exotic plant extracts as part of their skincare products – so expect to feel nourished and rejuvenated, and yes, even younger, after applying some! Check out some of their amazing anti-aging products here – and get in somebody’s good books with one of these as a gift from Israel!

Edom Dead Sea cosmetics

edom souvenirs israelIn tune with the AHAVA products above, the Edom range of Dead Sea cosmetics is also a great souvenir to add to your list, especially if you’ve already tried some of the AHAVA range. Even better, the guys at Edom have tried to create a range of high-quality products at affordable prices, and largely succeeded. And yes, their products are packed full of minerals and vitamins, perfect for getting your skin (or that of your nearest and dearest) to feel alive again! They have some great products for the bath, as well as some great face masks and toners. Check out some of their bestsellers here.

Hebrew name necklaces

hebrew name necklace

This is a great unique souvenir, and one that might remind you of the struggles you had getting your mouth around some of the Hebrew phrases and expressions you came up against! Go for a classic looking necklace, and even buy one for your parents/children/friends, so they get a unique, personal souvenir from your time in the Holy Land. Take your pick from some of the options here (they’ll translate your name from English).

Sigal F’s jewelry

israeli-jewelryHere’s another local and creative option – check out the beautiful range of jewelry options made by local jeweler Sigal F. Based in the hills of the Galilee, Sigal uses her local environment for inspiration in her designs. Choose from a whole range of artisan jewelry, including his and hers rings, bracelets, and earrings. Best of all, her designs are totally unique, so you know that you’ll be buying a truly one-of-a-kind souvenir from the Holy Land. Check out Sigal’s designs here.

Books on Israel

Books on IsraelThere are a ton of books out there that are a must-buy for those of your friends and relatives interested in the beauty and history of Israel. We’ve read many of them, and have even bought some of them for friends and relatives too. They really are a great gift idea for someone a teensy weensy bit interested in where you’ve just holidayed – and when you’ve got a range of Mossad spy thrillers, mixed with stories of Israel’s amazing past, coupled with books that highlight the true beauty of the Holy Land, you’re not really going to go far wrong with one of these as a souvenir gift. Check out the Top 10 books on Israel we recommend.

The land of milk and…HONEY!

israeli HoneyYep, if you’re in the land of Milk and Honey, what better souvenir to take home than some genuine Israeli honey! It’s a healthy-ish alternative to sweets and chocolates of course, and typically is produced by local farms and kibbutzim. The one you see on your left here is the squeezable bottle of honey from Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, and is a perfect souvenir for the sweet-toothed friend or relative! Or you could go with some pure, untouched honey from the hills of Nazareth –  check out the range of honey available here.

Sweet and oily

olive oil souvenirYou may well have tried some of the delicious halva in various pit-stops throughout your visit to Israel. If not, we’re 100% certain that you had some salad or hummus dressed in delicious olive oil (and if not, were you really ever in Israel???). Halva is, of course, one of the sweetest things you can find in Israel, made from a mix of sesame seeds and sugar, and an absolute must-try with a cup of tea or coffee. And what can we add about olive oil that you don’t already know, other than a genuine dosage of from the Holy Land is hard to beat! Check out some great halva, olive oil and other Israeli food options here.

Jewish Charm bracelets

jewish charm braceletIn our opinion, Jewish Charm bracelets are a delightful gift, especially if you’re looking for a unique piece of Israeli jewelry. There are some very cute designs out there today, including quirky Judaica designs and gorgeous sterling silver charms (also compatible with bracelets from leading suppliers) and you’re sure to make somebody very happy with one of these. Check out a range of charm bracelets here.

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