Tweet your prayers to the Western Wall

One of the most inspiring parts of any trip to Israel is placing a prayer into the cracks between those huge, ancient stones that make up the Western Wall (otherwise known as the Wailing Wall, or Ha-Kotel in Hebrew). It truly is one of the ultimate experiences on any Holy Land vacation, for Jews and non-Jews alike.

Well, for those of you that can’t make it to the Western Wall, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of services on the Internet (go on, go search!) that promise to place your own, personal prayer between the cracks of the Western Wall – and it just got even better if you use Twitter.

Oh yes, for the price of a tweet (er, free) you can now deliver your own personal prayer directly to God via the Western Wall. A service that enables you to tweet your prayer to the Western Wall has recently been launched, and, quite frankly, it’s one of those simple ideas that makes you think, “If only I’d thought of it first…”.

Good intentions from the founders of the service:

First and foremost, our mission is to give anyone on earth the opportunity to place his prayers in the Kotel (Western Wall). When we created a user account for the Kotel we had several intentions in mind. The first was to use the popularity and prevalence of Twitter in order to make the Kotel more accessible to people around the world. It seemed perfectly sensible, almost trivial, to provide anyone on the planet the opportunity to quickly and easily place his prayer in the Kotel. Tweeting only takes a few seconds and it’s substantially easier, quicker and cheaper than hopping on a plane to Israel.

It is, of course, available to anyone with a Twitter account, just log in to Twitter and send your tweet to @TheKotel. And if you need more than the maximum 140 characters (or really can’t be bothered with Twitter) you can simply send an email to The prayers are then printed out and placed at the Western Wall. Privacy is guaranteed.

Improvements to the service are on the way already apparently. We’ll be keeping an eye on anything interesting…and whatever you’ve got to say about new technology that is ever-encroaching on our privacy and free-time, this is an idea that is here to help. Or kill tourism to the Western Wall…nah, only kidding!

For more info on the Western Wall, one of the ultimate destinations on your trip to Israel, click here.

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