Thursday nights in the Old City: even more awesome things to do in Jerusalem!

Nights in the Old CityStarting in May, Thursday nights in the Old City of Jerusalem look like the place to be through 2013!

As in 2012, Nights in the Old City returns once again, meaning there will be a whole variety of events and activities to enjoy in the Old City on Thursdays – in addition to the normal activities you can find in one of the world’s most historic and amazing sites (read our full guide to the Old City)!

Nights in the Old City is a unique program of events set up by the Jerusalem Development Authority, the PM’s office, and Jerusalem City Hall. Events include unique tours, culinary tastings, and outdoor theater and musical performances – but just so you know, events will need a minimum number of participants, so call the numbers listed to check.

There will also be extended opening hours at other popular sites, such as one of our own faves, the Tower of David, so if you’re going to visit Jerusalem on a Thursday over the coming months, take that into consideration.

Some of the great events to watch out for:

Lantern Adventure in the Old City: Take a lantern tour to experience life as it was before electricity, while listening to tales and legends of the city. 70 shekels per person, call 02-6264488 for details.

The Jerusalem Experience: This culinary tour within the Old City walls, guided by chef Giora Weinbach in English and German, exposes you to the unique tastes of ethnic dishes from Jewish, Christian and Armenian cuisine and customs. The tour includes visits to restaurants and specialty sites such as the Austrian Hospice, a manufacturing plant, hidden bakeries and more. Thursdays at 19:00. 70 shekels per person, call 052-2636771 for details.

A Thousand and One Nights: In the Old City’s Christian Quarter Eastern/Western musical entertainment will take place, with new line-ups every Thursday. The musical shows will take visitors on a different route, each time exploring various cultures of the period. 69 shekels per person, call 02-6418682 for details.

Markets in the Old City: This market tour will take you on a fascinating journey among the vendors, and will reveal the stories and tastes of the Old City markets such as the Mamluk Khan and the Crusaders markets. Thursdays at 18:00.  (English with advance registration only) 70 shekels per person, call 02-6264488 for details.

The Sephardic Balabusta: This tour explores the culinary culture of past Ladino-speaking communities in Jerusalem, an encounter of aromas and delicious cuisine, and takes place at the Old Yishuv Court Museum, every Thursday at 18:00. 70 shekels per person, call 02-6276319 or 052-4002478 for details.

Fortuna the Matchmaker: Fortuna Bueno, matchmaker and sorceress, reveals the secrets of love in Jerusalem in a night tour that blends tradition and folklore (English / French). The performance takes participants to a different period in time with a special, off-the-beaten-path atmosphere. 60 shekels per person, call 02-6513663 for details.

Sounds of Shabbat: Tourists can enjoy the unique Shabbat Jerusalem atmosphere with a one-hour musical event with stories and poems, at the Aish HaTorah World Center, with its spectacular views of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. Thursdays at 19:00, 20:30. (English for groups only) 49 shekels per person, call 073-2293539 for details.

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