The Witch’s Cauldron and The Milkman: quite possibly the most unique restaurant in Israel!

Witch's Cauldron and the Milkman

One of the most unique restaurants in Israel, The Witch’s Cauldron and The Milkman (Kadirat HaMachshefa ver HaHalvan in Hebrew) is a definite stopover to add to your list of northern Israel highlights!

It might be a bit too far for a night out if you’re based in the center of the country, but if you’re visiting the far north of Israel, this quirky little restaurant set in a charming wooden lodge in the farming village of Nimrod may well amaze and delight you!

Located at over 1000 meters above sea level, The Witch’s Cauldron and The Milkman restaurant is only a few minutes drive from the slopes of Mount Hermon. And considering their specialty is a steaming hot casserole (in a variety of flavors and concoctions), the perfect time of year to visit is in the winter/spring, when the slopes of Mount Hermon are often full with snow, and when romance fills the air, meaning a cosy warm fireplace with juicy and very tasty casseroles to savor…

There are also some great fish dishes to order, while the local Golan wines are also worth trying. Overall, not the cheapest restaurant in the north, but definitely one of the best value eateries in the country, especially when you take into consideration the atmosphere and views.

Witch's Cauldron and the MilkmanFrom our own experience (we’ve been there 4 times), the staff are also friendly and knowledgeable, the portions are huge, and the restaurant is very kid friendly.

The kids will also be entertained by the huge number of scary witch and wizard dolls hanging from the ceiling. Well, if the kids aren’t, you will be!

Highly recommended!

For more details or to reserve a table, call 04-6870049. The restaurant is open 7 days a week, from 12:00 every day. Not Kosher.

See the map below for an idea of where to head…

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