The very BEST romantic spots in Israel

When planning a romantic trip with your significant other, the choice of the destination is the most important one! Let’s face it, it’s hard to be romantic and build some sweet memories when dealing with rain, mud or sweat. That’s why Israel might just surprise you –  it has the right kind of climate and has many romantic spots to discover hand in hand. To plan the perfect couple’s tour to Israel, follow our guide to the best romantic spots in Israel!

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Feel the love in Jerusalem

jerusalem tower of davidIsrael’s central city, Jerusalem, is of course full of romantic spots. Even just wandering in those ancient streets has a very unique, sweet vibe. This Holy City is a blend of people and cultures, making it a big meeting place for all pilgrims and religious people, giving the whole city a sacred feel. So take your time exploring this wonderful piece of history!

An original way of discovering the city of Jerusalem is to see it from above. The Ramparts Walk (you can buy tickets from the tourist office at Jaffa Gate, at the entrance to the Old City) will take you on a walk along the walls surrounding the Old City; for sure, a less crowded and more unique way of getting to know the city, but best done in the late afternoon/early evening!

The Wohl Rose Garden (located opposite the Knesset and government area, at the foot of the Israeli Supreme Court) is another favorite for couples, offering a little bit of sweet nature inside the city with a huge variety of roses on display. Another great couple of options in Jerusalem are the Mount of Olives, with its huge amount of history and stupendous views across Jerusalem, and Ein Kerem, a little further outside Jerusalem but well worth visiting for its unique village atmosphere.

Find romance in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv beachTel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel. If Jerusalem is indeed the historic capital of the country, Tel Aviv embodies all the modernity and creativity of the new generation! The hustle and bustle of the streets might seem a bit crowded for two lovers, but we’ll uncover a few spots definitely worth a visit…

Tel Aviv has great beaches, always a good bet for some relaxing romantic time, as well as several markets open all week long (except on Saturdays). It might be all hustle and bustle, even during the middle of the week, but the stalls full of fruits and the air full of the scents of many spices will transport you to a simpler, more colorful, time!

The most romantic spot in Tel Aviv is without question the port in Old Jaffa. The sunset from this point of view looks like a painting from a romantic era. The promenade linking Old Jaffa to the northern part of Tel Aviv is also a great walk to do hand in hand at sunset, passing by benches ready to welcome you when you need a rest, while street performances along this stretch make the coast more alive than ever!

You’ll lurrrrve Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel National Park is the biggest park in the country. The Nature Reserve holds several rare species and a lush vegetation inviting you for a quiet walk with your partner. If you’re in need of some pampering, the Mount Carmel Spa is also perfect for relaxing after a day of walking! Mount Carmel itself is great for hikers and couples looking for a bit more nature and adventure.

On the slopes of Mount Carmel, the city of Haifa is another mandatory stop for lovers! Although the city itself is not the most glamorous spot in Israel, it’s still the third biggest town in the country. The saying “Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays and Haifa works” shows that this city is essentially made of workers. But, aside from the beautiful nature of the surrounding National Park, a great reason to stop by Haifa are the gardens of Bahai! Just a few minutes in these gardens are enough to melt away the stress of the day, and the views from the upper levels overlook the bay of Haifa and are simply gorgeous!

Enjoy the wonders of the Sea of Galilee

Ein GevThe lake of Tiberias, also known as the Sea of Galilee, is a huge body of fresh water (the lowest freshwater lake in the world), framed by a few calm beaches. It’s perfect for quiet afternoons, trying the small walking paths around the lake, exploring a ruin… and a few hot springs near the lake (look for the old springs at the entrance to the city of Tiberias, or at the Hamat Gader resort) complete this perfect holiday picture!

There’s also the possibility of taking a cruise on the lake. The ride is always a calm, peaceful one, with the chance to see a few interesting birds – we’d recommend heading to the port at Ein Gev for the perfect ride (on the eastern side). All in all, the whole area around the lake is the perfect choice for a romantic trip. The blue waters, the isolation, the countryside atmosphere… it’s all there!


A romantic tour to Israel is definitely a one of a kind experience, mixing the sweet feelings of the present with the awe of history. Take your partner to explore this mystic land, by car or with a tour, and come back with a camera full of romantic souvenirs!

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