The ultimate afternoon chillout: sunset, sail & snorkel in Eilat!

If you’re visiting Eilat, one of the best things you can do if you’re looking for a superb, chilled experience is to head out on the Red Sea on one of the boats in the Eilat Marina and…er, chill!

You could try and barter your way through some tough Israeli-style negotiations to get the boat trip that suits you (these are seasoned pros in the Marina, so bear that in mind…), OR you could just go with the Abraham Tours snorkel and sail tour, which takes care of all the logistics (and negotiating!).

That’s exactly what I did, and have to say, this tour is a little cracker!

I’m a huge snorkel fan, especially in this part of the world with its gorgeous Red Sea corals and amazing fish that literally are just a fingertip away – and yes, there are some great snorkeling options in Eilat – but this little trip is more than just the snorkel!

You get taken out across the Red Sea, with Jordan to your left and Eilat to your starboard (ah, you see, I picked up the lingo on my tour!), before anchoring just off one of Eilat’s quieter beaches. Grab yer snorkel and explore the waters of this amazing sea, before heading back to the boat for some refreshments (there were beers and fruits on our tour).

It’s then a leisurely sail back to the Marina, where you might even find yourself behind the wheel of the boat! As the sun sets over the mountains of Eilat, take in the stunning views, enjoy your coffee, and just remember to breathe and chill…

All in all, highly recommended! The tour itself lasts around 4 hours and costs around 200 shekels. To book yourself a Red Sea chillout adventure, click here!

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