The Tower of David Night Spectacular: the BEST show in town!

Any show that labels itself “spectacular” is leaving itself open to abuse, but the Night Spectacular at the Tower of David citadel in Jerusalem is one of those shows that yes, lives up to the hype.

I really wasn’t expecting anything “spectacular” at all, but after being entranced by the power of the Tower of David citadel earlier in the day, I decided why the heck not. And that decision had nothing to do with the fact I couldn’t take much more trekking round Jerusalem and wanted to put my feet up for a bit…

To be honest, things didn’t start that great, with a huge queue forming at the door to get in to the first performance at 8:30pm. The queue just grew but the doorman obviously wasn’t hearing the complaining Israelis (I didn’t hear any tourists complain, funnily enough). Opening the doors five minutes before the show began was a bit off, as we all had to trek through to the other side of the citadel in single file. Maybe opening a bit earlier would have eased the pressure at the door? Never mind.

Anyway, once settled, the show began. I’m not going to give it all away, as the show only lasts for some 45 minutes, but if you like your visuals and your history, this is for you!

The destruction of the 2nd Temple - CREDIT Amit Geron

The show itself is beamed onto the walls of the citadel via 20 projectors with no real narrative, but there’s really no need for a storyteller, what with  the stunning images of the history of Jerusalem through its various rulers down the ages. Some of the visuals are amazing and appear almost touchable, while others use the towers and walls of the citadel to amazing effect…

And the power and inspiration of Jerusalem hit me hard during this show – no, I’m not joking! Seeing Jerusalem depicted as the center of the world, the universe, made me feel suddenly as if I was sitting right at the center of something extraordinarily huge…

The Queen of Sheba with her entourage - CREDIT Amit Geron

So yes, this has to be one of the best shows in town. If you’re in Jerusalem – go see it!

We recommend you get a two-in-one ticket, for both the Tower of David citadel and museum AND the Night Spectacular. For adults, the Night Spectacular is 55 shekels (45 if you’re a senior citizen, 30 if you’re a soldier or disabled), but if you get the two-in-one deal, the whole shebang will cost you 70 shekels (55 for seniors, 40 for soldiers/the disabled).

For further information regarding performance times and prices, see the Tower of David site:

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