The Jerusalem Light Festival 2018 brings some sparkle to summer nights in Jerusalem!

jerusalem light festivalOne of the best and most popular festivals in Israel is back – the Jerusalem Light Festival returns in June-July 2018!

Now lighting up Jerusalem for the 10th year, this is a must-see for locals and tourists, with the Old City of Jerusalem transformed into something truly magical for just a few nights every year.

The festival will run from June 27 – July 5, and once again you can expect to see some incredible lighting installations, exhibits and tours.

Expect this festival to be extremely busy – estimates of over 250,000 visitors to the Old City over the week-long festival – as visitors get to enjoy all the sites and exhibits FOR FREE!

In this year’s festival, light artists from Israel and from abroad will present spectacular 3-D light exhibits, artistic sculptures and structures, massive light stars and impressive video mapping projections on the Old City’s buildings and walls. These features, combined with outdoors and onstage performances, light and sound, will be displayed at the picturesque alleyways, unique sites and central trails around the Old City of Jerusalem.

Enjoy different “trails of light” that will be spread across the quarters of the Old City, tracing a path between the light installations. In addition, watch out for a unique fair of light-body designers and colorful outdoor performances.

The Jerusalem Light Festival is truly a festival for everyone – and it’s FREE for all!

For further information, see the official site.

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