THE Israeli Beer Festival to beat all other beer fests!

Israel has slowly but surely been warming to the pleasures of beer over the last few years (as a Brit, that warms the cockles!) and there are a number of great beer festivals in Israel throughout the year, including the impressive Jerusalem Beer Festival, held annually during the late summer.

But billing itself as the numero uno beer festival, the annual Israeli Beer Festival is definitely one not to miss. Last year’s very first festival was a big success, and with the ever-growing number of Israeli boutique beers hitting the market, and an ever-increasing awareness of the joys of beer, the 2012 festival, held on January 10-11 in Tel Aviv’s Nokia Arena, looks like a must-see for beer lovers!

The first day of the festival (10th January) is solely for the pros – the pubs and restaurants of Israel who will be pouring those heavenly nectars into our glasses.

The second day of the festival (11th January) is for the public. The festivities begin at 16:00 (late liquid lunch anyone?) and last until 23:00. On show will be a range of Israeli beers (are you man enough?) and premium international brands. Of the local brands to watch out for, check out the Lone Tree Brewery, who make a line of traditional ales – all Kosher!

It will cost you 50 shekels to get in, but that includes 5 coupons for tasting, and a free beer glass. And for those of you won over by your tastebuds, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of special offers up for grabs!

For more info, check out the festival’s Facebook page or their main website:

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