The fun continues in Jerusalem through February with the annual Sha’on Horef Festival!

shaon horef jerusalemThe annual Sha’On Horef Festival returns to Jerusalem this winter – and continues all through February!

February is the time when you can ditch those conceptions of Jerusalem as a religious, dry city to the nearest bin – the Sha’on Horef Festival (translated it means Winter Noise) turns Jerusalem into a happening, vibe-packed entertainment hub!

Each Monday you can enjoy a variety of different events: from concerts to dance productions, cooking sessions, and art exhibits, there’s going to be something for everyone! The decisive factor for many is that almost all the 100-odd events are free, or almost free.

Lined up already for your enjoyment: gypsy folk music, the Jerusalem Street Orchestra, street food parties, tetris competitions, wine-tasting, drum workshops, and many many more great little events! Just pick a Monday night and you’re guaranteed to enjoy whatever’s on offer…

The events take place in a different neighborhood every week, as listed below:

  • 8 February: head to the Shushan district
  • 15 February: head to Nahalat Shiva
  • 22 February: head to Hillel Street
  • 29 February: head to Azza Street

For a taste of what to expect, check out the clip below…

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