The cheapest ever flight from Tel Aviv to New York – $149!

Wow Air Tel AvivThe BIG news this week is the confirmation of the about-to-happen $149 flights from Tel Aviv to New York, via WOW airlines!

WOW revealed a while back that they were planning to launch these cheap flights to the US, via a stopover in Iceland. Now these flights look set to launch in September 2017, with the one-way flights confirmed at $149. A return ticket will cost you $248.

However, before you get too keen, these tickets are for the flight only – you will be paying extra for luggage, and any other bits and bobs they can charge you for! To get an idea of what to expect, WOW currently charges an extra $40-50 for a suitcase. The fares are also starting prices, and the actual fare will vary according to the date of the flight. Of course.

BUT…this is a great, great price if you’re traveling light, and it looks like it’s going to bring a lot of Icelanders to the Holy Land too!

For more details (nothing there yet, but check back nearer September time), check out the WOW website.

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