The annual Jerusalem Wine Festival returns!

Jerusalem Wine FestivalAs Israeli wine grows in leaps and bounds, so to do the festivals and events promoting it! And one of the very best is the annual Wine Festival in Jerusalem!

The 2017 Wine Festival (celebrating its 14th anniversary!) kicks off on Monday, August 7 and runs through to Thursday, August 10. The event takes place each evening, from 7-11 pm, in the grounds of the Israel Museum.

Tickets this year cost 95 shekels, which will give you a free wine glass which is as refillable as you like!  Many of Israel’s leading wineries will be there, and as such, the Wine Tasting Festival is considered one of the industry’s primary events.

The festival really is a culture-packed event, with an enchanting atmosphere enhanced with some live jazz.

Tickets can be purchased via the Museum website, or by calling 02-6259703. Just be aware that demand for tickets is high, so grab your tickets early!

And one last thing: it may be the height of summer, but there can be some chilly nights in Jerusalem – so bring something warm, just in case.

For a taste of what to expect…



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