The annual Jerusalem Knights Festival returneth to slay those Old City dragons!

Jerusalem Knights in the Old CityThe Old City of Jerusalem comes alive once again this autumn with the sights and sounds of ye olde Jerusalem Knights Festival!

This annual event has become a must-see and returns once again to the lanes and alleyways of the Old City during October / November. Best of all, the festival is FREE to enter!

As usual, there will be musicians, dancers, magicians, princesses, court jesters and peddlers from the Middle Ages, scattered through the alleyways of the Old City doing their thing. There aren’t officially any dragons to be slain, but my mother-in-law may be going, so you’ve been warned…

The Jerusalem Knights Festival will take place on the following days (yes, it only happens on FOUR nights):

  •  31 October
  • 7 November
  • 14 November
  • 21 November

The action kicks off at 18:00 each evening, and lasts until around 23:00. We recommend you start your Night of Knights at the Jaffa Gate as that is typically the point of entry for this festival; for further details, see the official site.

And as you’re in this neck of the Old City and obviously in the mood for some Middle Age goodness, you could also head to the Tower of David (which lies just inside the Jaffa Gate entrance). They’ll be having some special activities for kids (in Hebrew and for up to 12 years old), though it will cost an entrance fee. Call *2884 for further details.

Here’s a taste of the action from last year…



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