The annual Israel Didgeridoo Festival returns!

If you thought the classic didgeridoo was an instrument perhaps beyond the realm of cult status in Israel, you’d be sorely mistaken – the now annual Israel Didgeridoo Festival returns on the 19-20 October!

Known as The Didge to its fans, the didgeridoo has won over many Israelis, especially the hordes that travel to the Far East and Australia after completing their army service. I personally know two Israelis who brought back a didgeridoo with them, and have often pulled them out for a blow at family gatherings…

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Israel Didgeridoo Festival returns once again, this time at the Holiday Village at Hof Dor.

This year the two day festival will feature some of the leading didgeridoo artists in the world, and combined with the amazing beach location, this year’s festival looks like being the perfect way to close out the summer!

For tickets and additional info, call 0522424048 (they used to have a website but that seems to have disappeared).

Here’s an amazing taste of what they can do to get you in the mood, those didgeridoos!

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