The annual Hula Valley Bird Festival: a bird watcher’s paradise in the north of Israel

Agamon Hula ValleyThose of you into your nature and bird-watching will love the now annual Hula Valley Bird Festival! The 2018 festival takes place on November 22-28.

Launched in 2011, this festival takes place in the amazing Hula Valley in the north of Israel and is the Israel Ornithological Center’s way of highlighting the beautiful bird watching sites in this part of the country. The Hula Valley (and lake) is actually regarded as one of the top birdwatching spots in the world because it’s a migration stopover for thousands of birds every winter.

This valley area in the Upper Galilee usually hosts thousands of common cranes (see the clip below for a taste of just how many!) every winter, plus thousands of white pelicans, ducks, waders and passerines every year. Over the whole year you can catch some 300 species of bird, including, if you have the patience to wait, some rare birds of prey, such as greater spotted eagles, and the long-legged buzzard.

So yes, it’s easy to see why the Hula Valley is a beautiful spot to take in some of the amazing sights of flocks of thousands of birds coming in to land or just taking on refreshments in the huge lake in the valley. Of course, the festival could be the perfect opportunity to take in some of the other amazing sights in the north of Israel.

Typically, the festival is based in one of the hotels in the area (try checking our hotel search engine for a great deal), with films, and guest speakers to enjoy at the hotel during the evenings. The days are free to take in some of the festival tours of the area, including mobile hides and ringing demonstrations, details of which are available on the official birding site.

Just so you know, all profits from the Hula Valley Bird Festival go to conversation of the area.

Check out the gorgeous video below for a taste of the Hula Valley and some of the birds you’ll be able to spot…

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