TEN awesome reasons to visit Israel in 2014!

Mineral Beach, Dead Sea

If you still haven’t decided whether or not to visit Israel in 2014, then this one is for you…

2013 was another cracking year for things to see and do in Israel, and 2014 already looks like it might well outdo it! Read on below and you’ll soon be salivating at the things you can enjoy in 2014 – you’ll be on the phone to your travel agent within seconds!

Here it is, our list of TEN very good reasons why you should visit the Holy Land in 2014…

Countless amazing historical attractions…

The number of historical attractions in Israel really might blow your socks off! From the legendary desert fortress of Masada, to the mind-blowing lanes and alleyways of the Old City in Jerusalem, to the ancient Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee,  there’s quite literally something for everyone. And of course, there’s always the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, and even the northern delights of the Golan Heights to enjoy. And just so you know, we’ve been here over 20 years and still find ourselves exploring new sites and previously undiscovered gems…

Stunning world famous opera performances at Masada

In 2013 it didn’t happen for various budgetary reasons, but in 2014 it’s back! The famous Israeli Opera performances at the foot of Masada return in June – to the sounds of Verdi’s La Traviata! This summer delight has become a must-see experience for many, so expect the four nights to sell-out quickly!

Delicious food – everywhere!

We can never get enough of all that superb Israeli cuisine! It’s improved over the years tremendously, and awareness of the various culinary delights that you can find (if you do a little digging) has meant Israeli food in general has become a must-try on any trip to Israel! We always recommend starting with the FIVE must-tries, but if you’re looking for some amazing food in Tel Aviv, check out our guide to the best bars, restaurants and cafes to catch in 2014.

A deluge of big-name artists will be performing concerts…

The concert season in Israel has improved immensely over the last few years, and 2014 looks like being even better! With already confirmed concerts by the likes of Justin Timberlake, the Pixies, Charles Aznavour and Foreigner, and with expected concerts by Lady Gaga, Beyonce and perhaps even Bruce Springsteen, 2014 has a lot to offer music fans also on a visit to Israel. Typically the big concerts are held during the summer months, but we’ll keep you posted of any big name concerts coming throughout the year!

It was a record year for tourism to Israel in 2013 – join the party!

Yep, 2013 was yet another record-breaking year for tourism to Israel! 3.54 million tourists can’t be wrong – so when are YOU going to join the party? The numbers are expected to grown once again in 2014, and we are predicting 4 million by the end of the year! Don’t forget the Pope will be here in May and will be bringing many many pilgrims with him!

Where else could you spend an unforgettable Christmas, Easter, Pessach or Rosh HaShana?

For those of you looking to get in touch with your Christian or Jewish roots, what could be better than spending the holiday season in the Holy Land? Being a bit on the multi-ethnic side, we get to enjoy all the holidays, but seriously, get yourselves over here for an unforgettable Christmas in Israel, or Passover (Pessach)!

Cheap flights galore

2014 looks like being the breakthrough year for cheap flights to Israel! We’ve been waiting for it for a long time, but last year’s signing of the Open Skies agreement means that cheaper flights will start happening, probably from around April. El Al’s new low-cost UP brand is a response to the expected deluge of cheap tickets, while we’ve already mentioned easyJet’s new cheap flights from/to Gatwick in the UK. We’ll keep you posted with any major developments as they come up, but it’s going to happen, so be ready!

Sun, sun…and plenty more sun!

The amount of Meditteranean sunshine waiting for you might just hit you for six – and yes, it’s early January, and the sun is shining out there! OK, it’s not quite hot enough for stripping down to a bikini, but certainly hot enough to enjoy traveling around Israel! Don’t miss our guide to the best time to visit Israel, and yes, have a drool when looking at that temperature chart…

Jerusalem ranked 4th in the world by TripAdvisor for destinations on the rise

When the world’s leading travel site talks, the world listens…and in late 2013 Trip Advisor announced their list of top destinations on the rise – and Jerusalem was in at No. 4! For those of us who know, it came as no surprise, Jerusalem is simply a mind-blowing experience – so yes, add Jerusalem to your bucket list, and fast!

Israel is perfectly safe!

Yep, this is one question we get asked a LOT, and we’ll have to point you in the direction of this little article to perhaps convince you…but yes, Israel is perfectly safe! Stick to the well-worn travel routes and you’ll be fine. Even coming off the more familiar tracks you’ll be fine. Just keep your wits about you and use that thing in your head called a “brain”…

Come on, get yourselves over here in 2014!


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