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Christmas Day in Tel Aviv

Happy Christmas from the Holy Land! OK, so we're in the not so holy Tel Aviv, but still...wherever you are, have a great day! Yesterday I took a drive over t... Read More...

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv really is a shopper's paradise. The pure multitude of retail therapy available might even surprise you at first... So, where to start? Well, it ... Read More...

Pictures of Tel Aviv

Looking for some pictures of Tel Aviv? We've collected some of our finest shots over the years and they're all here, the best of the best. Watch the slidesho... Read More...

Alright Mate!

Mate (yes, that's its name) - This pub in the heart of Tel Aviv (well OK, the northern end of Dizengoff Street) is a great little neighbourhood pub. I like ... Read More...

My Tel Aviv

As the taxi took me through Tel Aviv for the first time, I was amazed at how Western it all looked. Years of BBC viewing had prepared me for camels and sandy du... Read More...



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